Cool Way To Speed Up Android Phone

speed up android phone – Surely android operating system is the rocking and most used operating system in phones. The number of mobile phone user is increasing day by day, with that android user are also increasing day by day.

But low speed of phone most frustrating moment for us. Sometimes it took 30-50 second to open an application. Most of the people use their slow phone instead of making their phone fast this is because people doesn’t know how to speed up android phone. No problem.

Here are some cool way to speed up android phone under 5 minutes.

Remove Unwanted application.

android application plays main role in the speed of the android phone. Putting unwanted or bad application on our phone decrease the phone speed and give us bad experience. So we need to check our phone and remove the application which is not important.

Disable default application

android phone comes with lots of pre-installed application. Most of them are soo much useless if we can disable these extra applications surely we can experience a good experience with an android phone. Disabling these unwanted application. decrease the ram uses and decreases the storage also.

To disable these apps go to setting > application >application manager .click on the app and disable the app. Unfortunately, you cannot disable all android application., some applications like Gmail, chrome, internet are default application..

However, you can disable application. like hangouts, google play movie etc if you are not using them frequently like me.

Remove antivirus and booster

people blindly believes that putting booster application. on their phone increase their speed . But in reality, they are just useless, the just consume more ram from a phone. So it is better to ignore these types of applications, antivirus etc to make phone faster.

Most of the android phone comes with a smart manager by default. So you can use smart manager to optimize RAM and Storage of the phone.

Don’t make phone storage full.

if you really want to speed up android phones clean your phone storage. This will really give a better experience. We can use a large size memory card to store our personal files while cleaning internal storage.

Update phone frequently

you need to update your phone frequently to experience better phone experience. New features can be added in the updates previous bugs can be removed while updating.

Disable auto sync

enabling auto-sync also decrease phone speed. So disable auto sync of unwanted or rarely used application.

Auto-updates app on wifi only.

making auto-updates phone on wifi only helps to make android phone faster. this will stop updating phones on mobile data and get ride of problems, getting unwanted notification from google play store.

Restart your phone regularly Speed Up Android Phone

Restarting your phone regularly also can speed up android phone for some time. On startup, every application closed, which are involving for decreasing speed.

With these cool way, you can really speed up your android phone.


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