Easy1up Detail Nepal-How We Can Earn $50-$1000

Easy1up in Nepal-Actually easy 1 up is a digital platform which gives chance to itsuser learning and earning opportunity. It provides training on digitalmarketing, it has different package of digital marketing training package(fivetraining course) with different price. These courses will teach you everythingyou need to know about online marketing and networking. If you buy any of thesecourses and follow the training you will learn how to make money online.Easy1up is an online marketing training center.

You can purchase any training package to start earning online.Higher the price there will be more advanced training material.

It is the best way to earn some cash online from Nepal. Here wenepali spend a lot of time on searching a good platform to earn online but we cannotfind good one. We only know youtube and google adsense about earning online.Byond that easy1up is also good platform to earn money online from Nepal.


Name: Easy1Up

Website: easy1up.com

Owner: PeterWolfing

Price: Startsat $25 (one-time payment)

Upsells: Yes

Free Trial: No

Beginner : Yes if you got full support from sponser

How we can earn money

We get Hugetraining about internet marketing which we can apply in real life and generatecash flow ,probably you know many people in this world are making millions tobillions dollar with internet Market, Why we not? We also can be one of them

Besides thiswe can promote product of easy1up. For example , today you join this program bypaying 25$ and after joining recently you refer someone to join this program,If they join this program ,the 25$ will goes directly to your pocket. Onlyadmin fee is the way how company get profit , provides support , maintain sites.

You’ll be paid 100% for every sale you make except the secondsale. You have to give your sponsor your second sale and person. So, you cankeep your first direct sale, the second one goes to your sponsor (the personwho referred you) and after that, you can keep the rest of the referralson that level. The same way your referrals will have to give you their secondsale and so on. 

The good thing about it is we don’t have to wait a month or weekto collect payment. We can receive payment instantly when you make a sales andyou can receive payment directly from your customer.

If you are from Nepal you can receive payment through e-sewa, bankdeposit , IME and if you make sales to foreign people you can receive paymentfrom western union.

Easy 1 Up training package:


Starting fee: $25 + $5-admin fee

What you will got inside it

 Network Marketing Program

Classes Include the following titles: Why Online NetworkMarketing, Which Online Network Marketing Company To Join, How To Scale YourOnline Network Marketing, Pros And Cons Of Network Marketing, How To GenerateLeads, How To Create Your Lead Capture Page, Email Cultivation Series.

Affiliate Kick Starter Program: SigningUp For An Autoresponder Account, How To Offer Bonuses, Review WritingTechniques, How To Create A Free Offer, How To Build your Empire Of AffiliateBusinesses, Email Cultivation Series, Configure Your Auto Responder, ChoosingThe Most Profitable Product.


Starting cost: $100 +$10-admin fee

What you will got there

-Modern video marketing

– Free Marketing & Cash Generation Program

-Mind money and Meaning

It contain classes involve with, UDEMY, QR Codes OfflineTraffic, Forum Signature Marketing, Product Creation, Solo Ads, Live EventsEmbedded Google Hangouts, YouTube Clickable links.,social media marketing,facebook marketing , pinintrest technique


Starting fee: $250+$25 admin fee

What you will get inside this:

 -Advanced Digital Business Program

Here are a few classes in the program: Getting Started in yourHome-Based Business, Your Winning Mindset, Passion to Profit, Business Systems,The Irresistible Offer Part 1, The Irresistible Offer Part 2.


 Starting fee:  $500+$50-admin fee

What you will got inside it

– 2 Additional Courses

  • Money Counts Live Business Building Course Part 1
  • Money Counts Live Business Building Course Part 2


If you are beginner join elevation (25+5) or elevationlite(100+10)

After getting basic knowldge after understanding deeply aboutinternet marketing marketing you can upgrade later

AboutStart Up fee

We spend thousand of dollar on school, collage, and university Where wedon’t know what we are doing, We don’t know whats going on life. Afterfinishing dgree. We will be frustrated and tired by searching job which onlypay 500-1000$ per month. After getting job also fear of boss, cannot enjoyholiday life goes on and we really cannot enjoy

In this business, By spending 25$ 100$ If we can divert our Future toBright. Why we are afraiding of spending some bucks on special training whichcan makes our life easier and helps us to earn 6 figure income with laptop andinternet

Why people should think more ?

We spend 25-100 bucks on movie, entairtaining

Why not save some bucks and Spend On life changing Business Opportunity

Ps:. If you are reallyinteresting in earning online, You should join this program. 

Success doesn’t fall from sky, you need to climb ladder , to get successyou need to learn more and more to get something you need to spend something

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