Top Internet Service Provider(ISP) Of Nepal


Top internet service provider of Nepal-According to research 58% of the people use internet in Nepal. The number of internet user in Nepal is growing day by day. Due to increase in the number of user of facebook,twitter,youtube ,instagram and rapid growing of technology in Nepal ,new internet user are increasing day by day.

There is a lot of internet service provider(IPS) in Nepal. According to ISPAN, there is 43 registered ISP in Nepal.   While setting up new internet connection in its difficult to choose which one is suitable for us.

It’s my story, I searched 8 to 10 times on google typing ‘best internet company of Nepal’, ‘which internet is best for me’…like this to search best ISP. It’s true that we have to run battle in our mind to choose a suitable internet service provider

Here you can find the detail of top 5 internet service provider of Nepal.

1.     Worldlink

Official website:

Worldlink is a top internet service provider in Nepal. They claim that the world link is the largest ISP of Nepal. They provide internet service for personal, business and enterprise purpose. Since 1995, it is providing a reliable internet service to Nepali people. According to review, people choice their internet speed is a bit high in comparision to other IPS of Nepal. According to their fair usage policy, you have 450 gb of data you can use in normal speed

2.     Subisu

subisu net.

Official website:

Subisu is also another internet service provider of Nepal. Previously, It was a widely use ISP in Nepal but nowadays people are complaining more about it regarding its speed. As a Subisu user, I haven’t face this type of issue up to now. They provide FTTH cable as well as wireless internet service in the city as well as rural areas of Nepal. Set up cost is too low you can set up new 15mbbs internet connection in less than NPR2500 along with fibre cable modem and another necessary thing. They provide TV and internet connection, if you need tv and internet connection at  same time Subisu will be the right choice for you

3.     Vianet

Official website:

Vianet is rapidly growing internet service provider of Nepal. It is continuously provides internet service through optical fibre. It provides wide range of internet package.

4.     Classic Teach

Official website:

Classic teach is the best and cheapest internet service provider of Nepal. It provides internet via fiber cable. It has been used by number of well-known offices and trusted by many. With yearly package you can use 12 mbbs unlimited internet package below 800rs per month.

5.     NT ADSL

Official website:

It is also the largest ISP in is also the most used internet service in Nepal since it provides internet connection and telephone service with a single cable. To use NT ADSL internet service you must have a telephone cable line, they don’t provide internet service alone. Most of the people say that the speed of ADSL service is not good. It provides both limited and unlimited offer since their speed are low less than 5 Mbps.

Since these are my reviews. If you think other ISP are better than above internet service provider, you can comment down that will always helpful to other people who are searching best ISP for new connection.

Number of user may not be exactly as they are,You can view the detail of these company in their official website as mentioned above

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