You Need To Understand These Thing Before Starting Blogging

Blogging becomes quite more popular in recent years. More people are doing extremely well in blogging. They are generating thousand of cash, traffic as well as reputation.


According to research 80% of the people fails in blogging. In rest 20% also 10% people runs a blog for 1 to 2 year and stopped become frustrating.

Why??, the main  reason behind this is most people start blogging to earn money. They listen from people we can earn a lot of money from the blog. They are attracted from this but they did not understand how blogging works. They didn’t understand about traffic, content, marketing, They only focus on how to generate cash in less time.

This is my real story. I start blogging before 1 year , i was also soo much interested in earning from blog, i started blogging in After writing 8-10 post I applied for google adsense and luckily i get accepted.

After putting ads on my site , I started looking into my adsense dashboard daily, i was so much curious how much money i have earn.

Everyday i looked in to my dashboard and there was same thing $0.00 on today’s earning. That really sucks to me. Instead of writing more post and continued my blog i got frustrated because my blogs was not generating even single cents. At that that time i failed blogging which was quite common things of beginners blogger.

After 1 year ,again i started blogging after learning many things. Here i have considered some things you need to understand before starting your blogging journey to become a successful blogger in this universe

Traffic Or Visitor

To become successful in blogging the main thing you need is traffic or visitor to your website. You wrote a great content to your blog , you thing your content are great and really helpful to people. These great content are worthless without visitor.

so you need to understand how we can generate traffic to our website to increase out visitor and renevue. Social media is the bomb for blog traffic. Pintrest . Facebook ,Twitter and linkedin are main social media to promote your blog. So you need to increase your follower in these platform and you need to understand a marketing tool of these social media before starting blog. Among theme pintrest is quite popular to increase your blog traffic. So try to increase your Pintrest follower.

Content for blog

To be successful in the blogging journey 15-20 blog post are not sufficient to become successful. You need to write a blog post continuously. So thing need to consider before blogging is you need to choose a suitable niche for your blog. If you choose a suitable niche to your blog you can write blog post continuously. Just sit and think what you are passionate about, What you are interested in Then choose a blog category.


Search engine optimization(SEO) is the main thing you need to understand before blogging. If your site rank well in google then only your traffic can increased automatically. How much traffic can we generate from social may be 5 hundred? 1 thousand ? or May be 10 thousand.? But if we can rank our site and site content in google thousand of visitor are comes automatically.

So you need to understand how google, bing, yahoo work while searching internet content

Social Media follower

I already mentioned above social media is the bomb or connector for your blog which connect people of the world.

So start to increase your follower in facebook, twitter, pintrest, linkedin.

Donot Think You Will Be Rich Tonight

This is the main reason why many blogger failed. They start blogging and after week or month they want to earn more money from their blog. To start earning from you need a time.

you need to make your mindset that you will not stop blogging if you didn’t earn single cent also

Read Other Blogs

There may be a lot of site like yours in internet which have gained more reputation and ranked good in google,yahoo, bing etc. So to become successful blogger like them you need to learn thing from blogger whose blogs are already ranked in search engine.

Comment your ideas on other blogs. Ask for them ideas of blogging.

Do not get frustrated , continue… and one day you will become successful blogger

Good Luck

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