How To Get Approved From Google Adsense Easily

How To Get Approved From Google Adsense Easily-People are generating good cash working online using google adsense. If you are running blog website of any niche and you want to earn some cash, easiest way is, you need to apply for google adsense , which runs ads on your site and if some one clicks that ads you can get some renevue.

But, Getting approved from Google adsense is not easy thing. Real person from Google visit your blog and then only it approve for adsense. It is not atomatic things.

There are lot of thing you need to consider before applying to google adsense

Here are the important ways to get approved from Google adsense

1)  Your post should be unique and well organized. Don’t post copied thing. Post at least 10 -15 unique post.

2) if you are using , Upload a custom theme for blogger. If you upload custom theme your site can seen in a managed way.

3) Buy custom domain . if you use blog platform like or your blog is like, it seems like you are not serious about blogging . if you add custom domain It represent you are serious blogger so it is easy to get approved. you can buy a chepest domain here

4) Add about yourself social media link etc. properly it show your site is in managed way.

5) Manage the layout of your page such as recent post, blog search , header image, Menu pages etc.

6) Increase your page views. more the page there will be more chance to acceptance from google adsense.

7) If you are writing post in english language the chance of approving will increase so try to write your blog post in english language

I got appproved from google adsense with only six posts , the main thing you need to consider is buy a custom domain and manage website layout.

Many people said that it is hard to get approved from google adsense from the country like Nepal. But its not like that if you are serious about blogging you can easily get approved from google adsense from Nepal also.

If you follow above step you will get approved.

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