Some Way To Earn Money Online From Nepal

Do you love sitting online, do you want to generate some money while wasting money time on nonsense social media. I said non sense because if you didn’t use social media for purpose

Earningmoney online money is not as easy as you are thinking. If you search google howto earn money it will show thousand of result like earn 250$ per day etc. butif we can earn 250$ easily why the fuck we should have to struggle.

Here are some ways to earn money online.

1: Blogging

If you are searching best legit way to earn money freely blogging can be the best option. Google gives chance to make our blog for free. To run the blog in well managed way you need to have a skill of content writing, content writing means skill to write the article to your blog. If you have the knowledge of SEO, digital marketing it will be better. If you are interested in digital and affiliate marketing you can take training online also, easy 1up is the best platform to learn blog and earn handsome income on affiliate marketing of that company, you can read its detail here.

  We canearn small amount 100$-1000$per month according to your skill and visitor toyour blog.

Google adsense is the king of advertisement. It puts targeted ads on your blogger when visitor visits that advertisement it the way to earn money.

At first go to then sign up with your google account. Then choose unique name and title to your blog give good description to your blog.

Make your blog beautiful by uploading custom theme.

Then start posting your article. Your article should not be copied and should be well organized. If your article are copied and not well organized your blog cannot be monetized.

According tothe number of unique visitor to your site you can generate a money. If you areserious and give time on blog you can start earning good cash.

2:  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means promoting other product. Sites like Amazon, Ebay etc..  gives some % commission when you make their product sale. There are many company which provide handsome commission for affiliate marketer, you can promote your local product also. If you have good social media follower, if you have collected email list, if you can generate good traffic on your blog affiliate marketing can be a good choice.

join the best network to earn as affiliate marketor

3: Works on freelancing sites

If you have the skill of graphic designing, logo designing, content writing or any technical you can work on freelancing sites. Sites like freelancer, fiver etc provides opportunity to work online to solve peoples problem and receive commission according to work.

4 As a youtuber

If you have skill to make a video on any areas, you can earn good from youtube. Working as a youtuber is not the way to become rich in one night. You need to have patience to work as a youtuber. In recent year youtube makes a complicated rules for creater. To earn as a youtuber you need to have 1000 subscriber and 40 thousand watch hour on video, After reaching this threshold you can monetize your youtube channel.

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